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Check here for detailed information during Boogies/ Special Events.


Flyer says: Solar Eclipse Boogie 2023 then the NM zia symbol with the eclipse in the middle and it says SKYDIVE NEW MEXICO under that

Licensed Fun Jumpers:

Come visit a small old-school DZ, and jump from the aircraft of a large DZ. Best of both worlds.

For this one, we're bringing in a Supervan 900!

The Grand Caravan extended cabin 208B with the upgraded engine from 600/675 hp to 900hp.

First time skydivers/ Tandem customers: 


After this event, our availability will be limited again until we hopefully have another event like this!


If friends, family members, or coworkers want to skydive and prefer to be on the same load, this event is the time to do it! We currently do not have this option on our regular weekend operations.

The aircraft we're bringing in is large, very comfortable and a faster ride to altitude. 

Tandem Instructors from CO and TX will be coming to SDNM for this.

These are some of the best Tandem Instructors out there.

(One of them has over 14,000 tandem skydives, that’s not even counting the skydives he does by himself on the side for fun. )

This event is for three days only, this weekend,

October 13th, 14th, and 15th 

There will be:

Food trucks, vendors, games, event seating w/ tables, and a bunch of skydiving!

After this, our availability will be limited again,

so come out and skydive while you can!

The weather this weekend is perfect for the smoothest air without being too cold.

It will be an extra magical time to skydive.

image of the aircraft from colorado mountain skydive that was used for the solar eclipse boogie

At Skydive New Mexico, we want to give everyone a chance to experience a skydive, because that's the only way to understand why we love this sport so much. 

Since we are currently limited with our regular weekend operations, we decided to try doing events that bring specialty aircraft to New Mexico, awesome tandem instructors who skydive for a living, and extra gear for tons of availability 

 This will be the 2nd event like this. The one in February 2023 exceeded all of our expectation. So, we are having another one!

flyer for solar eclipse boogie with prices for tandem skydives
Flyer showing skydive new Mexico logo inside an edited solar eclipse with real photo of skydive new mexico's landing area during a peaceful sunset
flyer for solar eclipse boogie showing a solar eclipse, an airplane and a group of 8 skydivers connected by hands in the sky making a what's called a "round" in the sky
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