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-Tandem Skydive Pricing and Info-


Tandem is the easiest way to have the total skydiving experience. For a tandem jump, the student and instructor are harnessed together and share an oversized parachute system built for two. The jump starts with a ground training where you will learn some basic information about skydiving. Next, you and the instructor will gear up and get on the plane for the ride up to about 10,000ft above the ground. After a scenic airplane flight, you and the instructor will exit the plane and free fall together for 30-40 seconds before deploying the parachute. Enjoy the beautiful view under the canopy (parachute) with your feet dangling thousands of feet above the ground while flying back down to land at the drop zone's landing area. 

Please email if you have any questions. 

Tandem Pricing: 
(Includes Taxes)
Tandem Skydive: $350
Tandem with video: $465

Tandems jumps are available year round.




We are currently limited on staff, so our availability is very limited for our regular weekend operations at this time.

SO, we decided to have a Special Event with an awesome airplane, world class tandem instructors, and a bunch of tandem spots to get everyone up in the sky with us!!!

3 days only! Reservations are OPEN NOW!


To receive email notifications when reservations become available, please join the waitlist below. We hope to see you in the sky soon!


Requirements for Tandem Skydiving:

  • Must be at least 18 years old (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Weight Limit 200 pounds 

    • *Weight limit 250lb. for Solar Eclipse Boogie (this event only)

  • Government issued photo I.D. is required

NOTICE: Skydiving is a very physical sport, so being in good physical condition is imperative! If you can not bend your knees completely, kneel, or sit on your heels easily, you may not be able to do a tandem skydive.

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