Tandem is the easiest way to have the total skydiving experience. For a tandem jump, the student and instructor are harnessed together and share an oversized parachute system built for two. The jump starts with a one hour ground school where you will learn some basic information about skydiving. Next, you and the instructor will gear up and get on the plane for the ride up to 10,000 feet above the ground. After a scenic airplane flight you and the instructor will exit the plane and free fall together for 30 - 40 seconds before deploying the parachute. The student, assisted by the instructor, then flies the parachute to a landing, several thousand feet below.

Tandem Pricing

(Taxes Included)

Tandem Skydive: $350

Tandem with video: $465

Tandems jumps are available year round,

Saturdays & Sundays only.

Requirements to jump Tandem:

NOTICE: Skydiving is a very physical sport, so being in good physical condition is imperative! If you can not bend your knees completely, kneel, or sit on your heels easily, you may not be able to do a tandem skydive.