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February 24th - 26th - No Man's Land Boogie 

$25 jump tickets or 5/$100. King Air B200, 5-6 mins to altitude! ​

Please email for more info, or visit our Facebook page "Skydive New Mexico".                                                                                  


March 11th – Safety Day/ Board Nominations


April 1st – Change to Summer Hours 7-8am start. Please check our FB group for weekly updates on opening times.


August 26th– Water Training at 6:00pm.


Sept. 8-10- WATER BOOGIE 2023! at Elephant Butte Lake

Sept. 30- NIGHT JUMPS-CANCELED/POSTPONED DUE TO PLANE MAINTENENCE :(    ---CANCELED---:(  We may postpone until October's or November's full moon, so stay tuned. 



October 13th, 14th and 15th- SOLAR ECLIPSE BOOGIE with a Supervan 900!! Annular Solar Eclipse lines up over Skydive New Mexico on Saturday Oct. 14th.

Fun jumper tickets are $25 each. Buy 4, get a free jump ticket! (5/$100) for 12,500+ AGL.

Food trucks, vendors, and games will be at the DZ. 

USPA record attempts. 

Packing areas.

RV hookups/hotels/Airbnbs nearby. Camping will be allowed in the parking lot at the airport as well. his will also be the last week of the famous International Balloon Fiesta.

More information on our Group Facebook page or you can also email or text/call 505-596-0556.  

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