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-Tandem Skydive Pricing and Info-


Tandem is the most popular way to have the total skydiving experience! For a tandem jump, the student (you) and instructor are harnessed together and share a parachute system built for two. When it's time to skydive, you and the instructor will gear up and get on the plane for the ride up to altitude. After a scenic airplane flight, you and the instructor will exit the plane and free fall together for about 30-40 seconds before deploying the parachute. Enjoy the beautiful view under the canopy (parachute) with a calm, peaceful canopy flight, or let the instructor know you'd like to have some extra fun and try some spins on your way down. Or you can do both; your instructor will safely fly you both back to the landing area whichever way you prefer.

(Includes Taxes)

        Tandem Skydive:  350

Media Options:

Video Package-                                  89

Photo Package-                                  89

Ultimate Package (video & photo)          $139

*Additional Photo and Video information below.*

woman doing super woman pose on a skydie



Due to high demand for tandem skydiving, slots may fill up on short notice. If your preferred date is no longer available, please join our waitlist!

 You may also join the waitlist to be the first to know about Special Events.



  • Must be at least 18 years old (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Weight Limit up to 260 pounds* 

  • Government issued photo I.D. is required

*Weight limit is based on weight of the Tandem Instructor + gear + the student (you). So the weight limit varies depending on the instructor, up to around 260lbs.

There is an extra fee above 200lbs. 


Please email if you have any questions. 

-Group Discounts-

Workplace Teambuilding



Trust Building

Ash Drops


Bachelor/ette Party





Conflict Resolution

Best First Date Ever

Groups of 5-7: The organizer of the group receives a free Video Package with their skydive. ($89 discount)

Groups of 8-10: The group will receive $25 off each skydive. ($200-250 discount)

Groups of 10 or more: The organizer of the group receives a free skydive. ($350 discount)

There are many reasons a group may want to have a skydiving experience together.

Groups of 5 or more will receive one of the following:

Please email us ahead of time for groups of 20 or more. Any size group is accepted; We will call in some reinforcements for groups of more than 40, so please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance if your group will be over 40 people total.

NOTICE: Skydiving is a physical sport, so being in good physical condition is imperative! If you cannot bend your knees completely, kneel, or sit on your heels easily, you may not be able to do a tandem skydive.

Photo and Video Options

A once-in-a-lifetime experience deserves top-quality video and photos!

man smiling amazed on a tandem skydive with airplane in background for plane selfie in the sky

Photo Package


75 to 150+ dedicated still photos of your jump

(Not just screenshots!)

woman smiling on tandem skydive

Video Package


Complete edited HD video of your entire skydiving experience!

collection of happy faces during a tandem skydive

Ultimate Package


Both packages combined, at a discounted rate!

Example of Still Photos-

Below are the type of still photos you can expect with the new Photo Package. Still photos are also included in the Ultimate Media Package.

The still photos are not screenshots from the video, but are actual photos taken during your skydive. You will receive 75-150+ photos per skydive.

awesome girl smiling beautiful during tandem skydive
awesome picture of a father with airplane in the background for plane selfie in the sky on exit
a mother loving a tandem skydive
man happy face during a tandem skydive
Taylor Swift Look-alike loving a tandem skydive with plane in the background for plane selfie in the sky
plane selfie from underneath on exit
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