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Blue Skies

Meet the Team

A team of seasoned professionals with a combined 17,000 jumps and nearly 35 years in skydiving!

Tandem Instructor Fun Facts

Trust and experience are of utmost importance when choosing to skydive.

Every Tandem Instructor must have a minimum of 500 skydives before they can begin a course to become an Instructor.

What type of accolades does our team have?

  • Military Freefall Experience - Contracting with Special Operations Command and foreign military personnel

  • Overseas Experience - Mexican, Chilean, Australian, and New Zealand skydiving experience

  • Bilingual! - Se habla español

  • Multi-rated - Each full-time instructor is an experienced camera flyer, and a licensed pilot or parachute rigger

  • Full Time! - Skydiving is our full time career. It's not something our instructors do on the side, so the skills always stay up to date.

  • Our instructors are some of the best in the world and get flown out to drop zones across the country to do tandems for para&quadriplegics, the 100+ age group and other tandem students that may require extra skill. 

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