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-Licensed Fun Jumpers BOOGIE Info-



This information is for the Solar Eclipse Boogie only.

Our regular weekend operations have a different entrance/parking, and the jump ops may differ such as landing protocols, etc. 

Parking and Entrance

drone image of our drop zone and most of the airport to show parking and where to check in for customers coming to a boogie or special event

New Visiting Fun Jumpers Checklist:

  1. Waiver must be filled out. Common question is about the spaces after line 20. The paragraph on line 20 must be read, understood and then handwritten in the space provided. 

  2. Logbook to show currency. If you are not current, you can set up a recurrency jump with us. *Manifest will typically call DZ the last jump was made at.

  3. Reserve repack data card in date

  4. USPA and gear information

USPA Info needed:

USPA Membership Number:__________

USPA License Number:______________

USPA Expiration Date: ______________

Date of Last Jump:__________________

Total Number of Jumps:______________

Jumps in last 12 months: _____________

Jumps in last 30 days:________________

Time in sport:______________________

Gear Info needed:

Container: _____________________

Main:________ Wing Load:_______

Reserve:________ Wing Load:____

Reserve Repack Date:___________


AADs NOT required.

Please pay before jumping


Don't forget to get a safety briefing after that!

Helpful information you can refer to before, during and after your safety briefing:

Skydive New Mexico elevation: 5199 ft.

LEFT hand landing pattern


Landing directions: everyone land the same direction, predetermined each load with either


or by arrow in the LZ.

Please make sure you know which direction to land for each load. 

drone image of landing area with cardinal directions and a compass










drone image showing landing hazards to avoid directly next to landing area like the ditch
zoomed out view showing landing hazards like power lines, fences, and NM travertine
landing area showing slope of the land and berm in between the two landing areas



Screenshot_20231011-023040~2 (1)_edited.


recognizable landmarks on either side of our drop zone to see from the plane so that you know when you're getting close to the drop zone again. useful when climbing to altitude
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