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-Fun Jumper Info and Pricing-

Fun Jumper Pricing:

(Taxes Included)

Skydive New Mexico is a nonprofit club DZ.

So we have member prices and non-member prices.

If you choose to become a member, membership fees are $120/year and give you member prices through December.

Fees will be prorated at $10/month your first year only.

The membership fees go towards the cost of operations and are what have kept the club jumping continuously for 36 years!

Membership prices may go down if operations expand to cover costs. 


Other Available Services:

  • Re-Currency Jump: $130 (includes gear rental)

  • Gear rental (Members): $33 per jump

  • Gear rental (Non-members): $38 per jump

  • Packing: $10 each (subject to staff availability)

Membership: $120 per year

*New members are prorated their first year at $10/month


High Jump 10,000ft. AGL:       $33                 $42

Low Jump 5,500ft AGL:        $27.50               $36

To set up a recurrency jump, please email

Hours of Operation:

We currently operate Saturdays &/or Sundays only, except for BOOGIES.   

Each Thursday, we will post on our Group Facebook page which day/s and specific time/s

we plan to open that weekend.

To stay up-to-date on our hours, any weather closures and for detailed Club Event information, please join our

SDNM Group Facebook Page. 

*If you don't use Facebook, please email to be added to the weekly text updates. 

DZ Info:

AADs are not required.

We are a Club drop zone and currently fly a Cessna 182 with extended wingtips.

Our landing area is at 5200' elevation.

During the summer months, we can see density altitudes over 8500'.

LEFT hand pattern for landing.

Everyone must pay for jumps before being manifested.

Rental Gear:

We do have rental gear, but our Rental Gear is also our Student Gear currently consisting of 260-280 sq.ft. mains.

Rental Gear is subject to availability & students have priority.

We recommend renting gear from our friends in CO at:

-Skydiving Gear Rental and Sales-

You can rent rigs with main canopy sizes 170-260 sqft. and they ship to New Mexico.


David Billings


Skydive New Mexico is a USPA drop zone

New Fun Jumpers Checklist:

  1. Waiver. Common question is about the waiver is line 20. The paragraph on line 20 must be read, understood and then handwritten in the space provided. 

  2. Logbook to show currency. If you are not current, you can set up a recurrency jump with us. *Manifest will typically call the DZ your last jump was made at.

  3. Reserve repack data card in date.

  4. USPA and gear information.

  • AAD's are NOT required.

  • Everyone is required to pay for their jumps before manifesting. 

  5. Drop zone safety briefing. 

USPA Info needed:

USPA Membership Number:__________

USPA License Number:______________

USPA Expiration Date: ______________

Date of Last Jump:__________________

Total Number of Jumps:______________

Jumps in last 12 months: _____________

Jumps in last 30 days:________________

Time in sport:______________________

Gear Info needed:

Container: _____________________

Main:________ Wing Load:_______

Reserve:________ Wing Load:____

Reserve Repack Date:___________



Belen Regional Airport Landing Area

drone image of our drop zone at about 1,000 feet









image of landing zone showing the way the land slopes down and the berm between the two landing areas


our landing area with red marks of hazards to avoid when landing
Bazaart (21).jpeg



recognizable landmarks on either side of our drop zone to see from the plane so that you know when you're getting close to the drop zone again. useful when climbing to altitude


zoomed out satellite image of the airport showing cardinal directions relative to the runways 90 degrees offset
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