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Skydive New Mexico is a USPA group Member. All jumpers must be current per the USPA BSRs. All rigs must have a current reserve repack. AAD's are NOT required. We operate Saturdays & Sundays only, (except for special events) and open at 8 am during the summer/9 am during the winter. Opening hours change around daylight savings time. To stay up-to-date on Drop Zone Closures and for detailed Club Event Information, please join our SDNM Group Facebook Page.

We are a club drop zone and currently fly a Cessna 182. Our landing area is at 5200' MSL, making for fast landings. During the summer months we can see density altitudes over 8500'.

Our Rental Gear is also our Student Gear consisting of 260-280 sq.ft. canopies. Rental Gear is subject to availability & students have priority.

Licensed Skydiver Pricing (Taxes Included)

  • SDNM Member High Jump: $33 - typically 10,000 ft. AGL

  • SDNM Member Low Jump: $27.50 - up to 4,500 ft. AGL

  • Non-Member High Jump: $42 - typically 10,000 ft. AGL

  • Non-Member Low Jump: $36 - up to 4,500 ft. AGL

Other Available Services:

  • Re-Currency Jump: $130 (includes gear rental)

  • Gear rental (SDNM members): $33 per jump

  • Gear rental (Non-members): $38 per jump

  • Packing: $7 each (subject to staff availability)

  • Membership: $120 per year*

    • *New members are prorated for remainder of calendar year

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