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-Jump Types Available-

Skydive New Mexico offers two different ways to make your first skydive:

1) TANDEM- attached to an experienced skydiver


2) SOLO- by yourself with Instructor assisting the deployment

1) Tandem Skydive

The most popular for first time skydives. On a tandem skydive, you are attached to a highly experienced tandem instructor for your jump. Tandem is ideal if you just want to experience the fun of skydiving or simply don't want to go alone the first time.
*Fun fact: Tandem Instructors have over 500 jumps before they can start the course to become Tandem Instructors.

2) Solo Skydive - (IAD)

Take a 4-6 hour First Jump Course on the ground before making a solo skydive. On a Solo IAD jump, you are not attached to anyone else. You wear your own parachute system and make a skydive with the assistance of an IAD Instructor. (IAD = Instructor Assisted Deployment) If you think you might want to become a licensed skydiver, then IAD might be for you!

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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem is the easiest way to have the total skydiving experience without having to go through years of training for this kind of experience. For a tandem jump, you are attached to a highly experienced tandem instructor, and the instructor controls the skydive.   The jump starts with a short ground training where you will learn some basic information about skydiving. Next, you and the instructor will gear up and get on the plane for the ride up to about 10,500 ft AGL. After a scenic airplane flight, you and the instructor will exit the plane and free fall together for ~30 seconds before deploying the parachute. Enjoy the calmness under canopy and the most beautiful views of our unique landscape. Have fun with your feet dangling thousands of feet above the ground before flying back down to land in the drop zone's landing area. 

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Solo Skydiving

IAD stands for "Instructor Assisted Deployment" and is a method of training where the Instructor assists deployment of the student's parachute as the student jumps from the plane. IAD is a good option for those that think they might want to become a licensed skydiver, or for folks that want to take more responsibility on their first jump. The ground course lasts around 4-6 hours and covers the information and training you need to make your very first skydive safely. After the ground course is complete, you will gear up and fly to an altitude of about 4000 feet. Once you exit the aircraft, your parachute will be deployed after a short 2-3 second fall. You will then fly and land it! Those who wish to pursue a skydiving license will continue to higher altitude jumps as you progress.

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"IAD/ Solo" Info and Pricing 

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